Welcome to Triart studio

My name is Tristan M Williams
A Sydney based Character a comic artist currently working fulltime as a sales associate
A little about myself
I’m honestly not good about describing myself so I will keep it brief

My family moved to Australia from Germany and I am mixed heritage of both German and English

they moved to a small mining town in western Australia When me and my brother were born
We moved to Sydney when I was about 9 and I’ve been here ever since

Growing up I fell in love with animation
I always wanted to create my own animated film but unfortunately due to family circumstances and the shifting of the times this never could happen

with the inability to study formally and needing to find full time work when I was 17 I had to find another avenue to creating my stories
It took me a long time to find that answer

Seeing the Japanese Comic Industry so easily adapted in o animation and could typically be done with just one person this felt like the only option

I I have spent the years since honing my skills, reading countless books and practicing my skills

but in the absence of an industry here it has been tough

I spent a long time learning the bad habits and following dead end paths.

This Blog is to try steering you away from the mistakes I made and to pass on the lessons that, through failure and perseverance I was able to attain.

Triart studio is my way to pass on these lessons so that we can together build a bright future for the creative Industries in Australia


What is Triart studio ?

Right now Trisart studio is just a small room in my house that I use to create my stories
but one day I’m hoping to make it a space that house many creative individuals and to make Sydney the peak creative hub in the southern Hemisphere

Yes this is ambitious and is unlikely to succeed but that does not mean it is not worth doing
all im doing right now is creating a space that I wanted to have when I was young to grow that space so that other can learn and prosper

There is a photograph I once saw

it was of Amazons first office when it was founded

it was such a small space literally just a room a computer and a phone

but look what it became

great things can come from small beginnings